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Geared traction elevators
Goldenstar Elevator offers geared traction elevators to meet various needs in numerous cases, ranging from office towers, commercial properties, residential buildings, public architects, or factories. The widely applied geared elevator solution, which features our high-performance drives, highly advanced microprocessor control system, project-oriented software as well as our control and safety components, opens up completely new performance potentials in traffic management. This means in day-to-day applications: high availability, comfortable drive behavior, short traveling and waiting times, substantial energy savings as well as diagnosis, monitoring and remote monitoring for highly efficient maintenance and servicing work.
These elevators operate at speeds from 300 to 500 feet per minute (1.7 to 2.5 meters per second) and carry loads up to 13,600 kg's. The electric motor in the design drives a gear-type reduction unit, which turns the hoisting sheave. This system operates on a less powerful motor, hence consumes less energy comparatively. An electrically controlled brake between the motor and reduction unit stops the elevator at the desired floor.
Recognizing your distinct requirements and needs, we provide you the most suitable geared traction elevator solution
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