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Goldenstar Elevator boasts its leading position of gearless elevator technologies. Combined with its advanced control system, Goldenstar's gearless drive unit extends not only the highest rise and running speed with elevators, but also tangible performance efficiency. Its compact design, energy-saving performance, maintenance-free operation, and reduction of vibration and noises are highlights of its higher performance.
These elevators typically operate at speeds greater than 500 ft per minute (2.54 meters a sec).In a gearless traction machine, woven steel cables /hoisting ropes are attached to the top of the elevator car and wrapped around the drive sheave in special grooves. The other ends of the cables are attached to a counterweight that moves up and down in the hoistway on its guiderails. The combined weight of the elevator car and the counterweight presses the cables into the grooves providing the necessary traction as the sheave rotates.
Recognizing your distinct requirements and needs, we provide you the most suitable gearless elevator solution
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