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  •  Service Lifts are really the modern-day equivalent of dumb waiters and, whilst they are not as common as the other types of lift which we encounter in our day to day lives, they can be found in restaurants and indeed offices and are designed to make the life of workers easier whilst making the company in general much more efficient and smooth-running.

  •  Service lifts can carry heavy documents or plates of hot dinners up several floors and thus cut out the need for staff to do heavy lifting or running about with hot plates- the health and safety people thus, naturally, love the idea of service lifts. However, it really isnít as simple as liking the idea and then deciding that you want to get one; getting a service lift is something which may well be dependent on circumstances beyond your control, not least financial ones, but also whether or not you have a building which can structurally accommodate a service lift as well.

  •  A service lift, in much the same way as a dumb waiter, would require a shaft to be hollowed out in between the floors which you wanted the lift to run between- this shaft would need to be in a place which was suitable for all floors- itís all very well having a lift entrance on one level where you can put paperwork in, but if it comes out on the lower floor behind someoneís desk or in an unreachable part of the office then it really is no good. Such practical concerns really need to be addressed very early on in the process of deciding whether or not to get a service lift.

  •  Service lifts are much smaller than passenger lifts or goods lifts and can thus be much more discreet. They come from a history of discretion, descended as they are from the dumbwaiter which was used at a time when servants needed to be neither seen nor heard. In much the same way, service lifts can now cut down on the people-traffic on the stairs and in the halls of offices as they allow paperwork to be quickly liaised between department and department.

  •  Paper work will still need to be ferried from one office to another but a lift will be of no use as there is no vertical travelling which needs to be done- if this seems like a good description of the office space which you and your business currently inhabits then it is most certainly the case that a service lift is probably not going to be of much use to you- in a similar way that a restaurant that has its kitchen on the same floor as its diners is not going to need a service lift to help it distribute food.

  •  A service lift is a big investment but, if done for the right reasons, it can really help you take your business to the next level and protect the interests of your employees and your customers at the same time as well.

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